Micro Model Cylinders

Micro Model Cylinders by Air-Mite Devices are "bantam" cylinders designed specifically for limited space applications. Single and double acting models provide ample power for many applications: clamping, locking, ejection, throttling are but a few. Controlled singly or in groups, all cylinders are repairable and easily repaired or replaced in the field.

  • Bore size from ¾" thru 1¼"
  • Stroke length up to 6" (see specifications)
  • Single or double acting available
  • Buna-N seals standard, Viton® optional
  • 0-150 psi air, 0-350 psi hydraulic
  • Piston rods are Zinc plated steel, Stainless Steel optional
  • Rod bearings are oilite bronze
  • Brass series models available:
    • Single acting:
      • Foot mount - P75, P100, P110
      • Nose mount - V75, V100, V110
    • Double acting:
      • Foot mount - DAP75, DAP100
      • Nose mount - DAV75, DAV100
  • Anodized aluminum series models available:
    • Single acting:
      • Foot mount - P125
      • Nose mount - V125
    • Double acting:
      • Foot mount - DAP125
      • Nose mount - DAV125
  • Made in USA

Manufacturer's Specifications

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