AIRPRO 250A-1 Cylinders


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U250 / U250N NFPA Cylinders by Taiyo America
NFPA Air Cylinders by Fabco-Air

AIRPRO® 250A-1 Series Pneumatic Cylinders by Taiyo America are designed to meet the needs of machine builders today, tomorrow, and beyond. Over fifty years of cylinder manufacturing experience has been built into this durable design.

  • Bore size 1½" thru 4"
  • Stroke length up to 20" standard
  • NFPA interchangeable
  • Hard chrome plated piston rod
  • Non-rotating rods available
  • Magnet integrated in piston
  • Adjustable cushions
  • Externally removable rod bushing
  • 15 standard mounting styles
  • Made in USA

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