Trac-Trol Cylinders

Trac-Trol® Guided Cable Cylinders by Greenco combine linear ball bearings in a trolley which runs on hardened and ground shafts to provide the same stroke as conventional cylinders with about 50% space savings. As the piston is pushed in one direction, the load is pulled in the opposite direction, within the length of the cylinder. Effective piston area is greater than in conventional rod cylinders, and there is equal force in both directions.

  • Bore size from 1" thru 5"
  • Stroke length to customer’s requirements
  • 150 psi pneumatic
  • 500 psi hydraulic (non shock)
  • Standard internal cushions
  • Shock absorbers available
  • Reed switch available
  • Auto tensioner available
  • Flange or tapped hole mounting
  • Made in USA

Fluidline Catalog Page # 223

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