ST, GN Series Cylinders

ST Series Stopper Cylinders by Fabco-Air incorporate a rugged body machined from aluminum extrusion that mounts rigidly to equipment in a minimum of space. All are designed with oversized piston rods to stand tough against abuse of side impact loading.

GN Series Stopper Cylinders by Fabco-Air are a modified version of its 32mm bore Global Series™ cylinders for use in conveyor stopping applications. With it's new heavy duty mounting, oversize piston rod, and its special rod bearing with increased surface area, the cylinder stands tough against the abuse of side impact loading.

  • Bore size from 32mm thru 50mm
  • Stroke length up to 50mm (Global™)
  • Standard magnetic piston (ST*)

ST Models Available:
  • STA - Round bar
  • STB - Anti-rotation
  • STC - Roller
  • STD - Lever
  • STF - Lever with lockout cap
  • STG - Lever with latch
  • STH - Lever with latch lockout cap

GN Models Available:
  • GNN - Standard
  • GND - Magnetic

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