P3D Series Cylinders

P3D Series Multi-Position Cylinders by Fabco-Air are double acting, single rod end cylinders providing 3 distinct positions of travel. These are stacked versions of the popular Pancake® II Series Cylinders and thus share many of the mounting styles and accessory features in common. Other multi-position cylinders (4 position, 5 position, etc.) are available as specials. Contact Fluidline Components, your local Fabco-Air distributor, for more information.

  • Bore size from ½" thru 4"
  • Stroke length up to 4" standard per stroke
  • Stroke tolerance ± 1/64” per stroke
  • Precision machined heads
  • High strength, composite cylinder barrel
  • 200 psi max, 15 psi min
  • Hard chrome plated SS piston rods
  • Non-metallic Duralon® rod bearings
  • Made in USA

Manufacturer's Specifications

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