FML, FHL Series Cylinders

FML Series and FHL Series Swing Clamp Cylinders by Fabco-Air operate in such a way that the clamp arm first extends away (straight line) from the work piece before rotating 90° as it provides clearance and access for unload/load operations. No external lubrication required.

  • Bore size from 25mm thru 63mm
  • Stroke length up to 29mm
  • CW (R) or CCW (L) available

FML Series Pneumatic
  • 100 psi max, 43 psi min
  • FML - Single side
  • FMLD - Double side
  • FMLT - Thread body, single side
  • FMLDT - Thread body, double side

FHL Series Hydraulic
  • 1000 psi max, 285 psi min
  • FHL - Single side
  • FHLD - Double side
  • FHLT - Thread body, single side
  • FHLDT - Thread body, double side

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