FGM Series Cylinders

FGM Series Guided Motion Air Cylinders by Fabco-Air offer flexible mounting for easy precise guided positioning.

  • Bore size from 12mm thru 63mm
  • Stroke length up to 100mm standard
  • Adjustable stroke up to 200mm optional
  • Standard magnetic piston
  • 2 Sensor mounting slots per surface
  • 9G49 Sensor mounting on top or bottom
  • Porting on top or side, NPT or metric
  • Sleeve or ball bearing motion guides
  • Stroke tolerance +1.5mm, -0mm
  • 20 psi min to 150 psi max
  • Flexible mounting choices:
    • Top - tapped and doweled holes
    • Rear - tapped and doweled holes
    • Bottom T-slots
    • Bottom tapped and doweled holes

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