Provenair Series SN Cylinders

Provenair® Series SN Stainless Steel Cylinders by ARO® Division of Ingersoll Rand are tie rod cylinders constructed of 303/304 end caps, tie rods, piston rods and mounts along with 316 Barrel. To maximize cycle life all have factory installed Teflon® wear band on piston.

  • Bore size from 1½" thru 8"
  • Stroke length up to 99⅞" standard
  • Stainless Steel NFPA interchangeable
  • All external components are 303/304
  • Barrel is 316
  • Bronze rod bushing
  • Optional adjustable cushions
  • Optional Viton seals
  • Double rod ends available
  • 11 NFPA mounting styles

Manufacturer's Specifications

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