Micro-Air Series 01 Cylinders

Micro-Air™ Series 01 Cylinders by ARO® Division of Ingersoll Rand are ideal for small part positioning, clamping and ejection. Also they're the perfect choice for applications where small bore, medium duty, repairable cylinders are preferred. Prelubed, they're suitable for operations without externally applied lubrication.

  • Bore size from ½" thru 1⅛"
  • Stroke length up to 6⅞" standard
  • Repairable / rebuildable
  • Greater durability than disposable type
  • 200 psi (14 bar) max
  • Optional seals to 300°F (149°C)
  • Hard coat aluminum bore
  • 303 series stainless steel rod

Manufacturer's Specifications

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