Elements - Plug-In

Plug-In Air Logic Pneumatic Control Elements by ARO® Division of Ingersoll Rand are miniature diaphragm operated poppet valves designed to perform specific functions. This includes "Or," "And," "Not," plus various "Memory" and "Delay" functions. Elements are designed so response times, shift ratios, flow and exhaust capacities are closely matched and all are compatible in a total system that simplifies circuit design. (aka Plugin)

  • And, Or, Not
  • Set-Reset Gate, Memory
  • Delay Timer
  • Pulse Timer
  • Timer, Accumulator, Check Valve
  • Inhibitor, Differentiator, Flip-Flop
  • Interfaces from air/electric or electric/air
  • Poppet valve ¼" FPT, Cv 1.3
  • Porting blocks

Fluidline Catalog Page # 128, 129

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