TAC Series Push Button Valves

TAC Series (Total Air Control) Push Button Valves by Humphrey Products are recognized for long life, small size, rugged construction and attractive appearance. The manual / mechanical air valves are popular choices by design automation engineers. The small stainless steel push button or plated-steel toggle are popular for panel mounting solutions to start, sequence or control equipment with the same outward appearance as traditional electric-style machine controls. The wide variety of valves is available as 2-, 3- and 4-way, in three sizes, and either spring return or detent function.

Brass for industrial use - NOT potable water

TAC Series push button, 10-32 UNF female ports
  • 2P, 2-way
  • 3P, 3-way
  • 4P, 4-way
  • 4PP, 4-way detented
  • 4PPX, 4-way push-pull

TAC2 Series push button, 1/8" NPT female ports
  • 31P, 3-way
  • 41P, 4-way
  • 41PP, 4-way detented

TAC3 Series push button, 1/4" NPT female ports
  • 42P, 4-way, 5-port, spring return
  • 42PP, 4-way, 5-port, detented

Cam and Fingertip Operators
  • Relieves operator fatigue
  • Adapts valves to cam operated circuitry

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