Model OS Pulse Valves

Model OS Pulse Valves by Fabco-Air, also known as "one-shot" valves, provides a momentary (pulse) output at its cylinder port when pressure is applied at its inlet. No additional flow is possible until pressure at the inlet is removed, reset time allowed, and pressure reapplied. Reset time is slightly longer than output pulse time.

  • No springs
  • One moving part
  • Self cleaning orifice
  • Pulse time preset at factory
  • Shorter Pulse can be field set with ordinary sewing needle
  • Can be cleaned or repaired without removing from installation
  • Spool can be observed for trouble shooting circuit
  • Operating pressure: 45 to 150 psi
  • Operating temperature: 0° to + 180°F
  • Models available:
    • OS-1 - 3/4 second
    • OS-3 - 1-1/2 second

Fluidline Catalog Page # 109

Manufacturer's Specifications

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