Circuitry Valves

Circuitry Valves by ARO® Division of Ingersoll Rand include a host of accessories designed to complement and complete pneumatic circuitry where precise pneumatic control is required. They include a variety of specialized products suited for demanding industrial, commercial and laboratory applications.

Brass for industrial use - NOT potable water

Button Bleeder Valves (Click Link)
  • 24130
  • 24135
  • 24125

Pilot Bleeder Valve (Click Link)
  • 9600

Quick Exhaust Valves (Click Link)
  • EV125
  • EV250
  • EV375
  • EV30-A
  • EV35-A

Single Pulse Relay Valve (Click Link)
  • PR10

Shuttle Valves (Click Link)
  • SV10-C
  • SV20-C

Microswitch (Click Link)
  • 20467

Microswitch Actuator (Click Link)
  • 20370

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