100, 200, 400 Limit Valves

100 Series, 200 Series, and 400 Series Circuitry Limit Valves Collection by ARO® Division of Ingersoll Rand feature multiple series of miniature, small, full size industrial design valves designed for mechanical control. Valve operators include miniature, mechanical, or manual industrial size limit valves. Small air-pilot operation or sensing is also featured in 200 series valves.

100 Series Miniature Limit Valves
200 Series Limit Valves
  • ⅛" NPT ports or 5/32" tube fittings
  • Cv from 0.195 thru 0.104
  • 2-position, 3-way, cast zinc body
  • Small lever, roller, push button, toggle, plunger, actuators
  • Air-pilot operated 2-position 3-way (206-C)
  • Ideal for sensing the position of moving devices or pilot air
  • Fluidline Catalog Page # 102, 103
  • Manufacturer's Specifications

400 Series 3-Way Limit Valves