Peckchek Kinechek Regulator

Demonstrating Peckchek Kinechek Regulator Video Tutorial by Deschner, published on December 5, 2013.

Drilling to a depth of more than three times the drill diameter often requires peck drilling where the drill is repeatedly withdrawn to remove waste cuttings while being advanced in steps deeper and deeper during each feed movement. For efficient peck drilling, the KINECHEK hydraulic feed control must be arranged to act only while the drill is cutting. This requires the KINECHEK plunger rod to remain virtually stationary during the intermittent retractions and reinsertions of the drill bit. After the hole is completed and the drill retracts for the last time before beginning a new hole, then and only then should the KINECHEK plunger rod fully extend to be in position to repeat the checking sequence. KINECHEKS with PECKCHEK Control are designed to operate in this manner.

Special Note: The PeckChek Control is a small pneumatically operated device that contains a one way ball clutch to prevent the automatic extension of the Kinechek plunger rod. The PeckChek Control mounts on a special Kinechek that uses a plunger rod that is hardened full length to withstand the brinelling action of the ball clutch and is approximately ½ inch longer than standard to accommodate the PeckChek Control without loss of controlled stroke length.

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