Bal-Trol Lifting Products

Demonstrating Bal-Trol® Lifting Products Video Tutorial by Tri-Motion™ Industries and Olliewould's Channel, published on May 20, 2010.

Video presentation introducing the new Bal-Trol® Pro-Air balancing hoist, shown in both a horizontal and vertical configuration, utilizing the Slim-Line Sensi-Touch (SL) and the Pro-Handle (PH) operator controls.

Both of the horizontal and vertical Bal-Trol® Pro-Air balancing hoist styles demonstrate the operator ease of repetitive lifting operations. The Slim-Line Sensi-Touch operator control provides for "close-in" control, whereas the Pro-Handle operator control allows for a more distant "push button" ease of load operation.

In addition to the Pro-Air balancing hoist, Slim-Line Sensi-Touch and Pro-Handle operator controls mentioned in this video section, Bal-Trol® offers a complete line of pneumatic balancing hoists, controls, and accessories.

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