NFPA, ISO, No-Repair Cylinder

Demonstrating NFPA, ISO, and Non-Repairable Cylinders Video Tutorial by Fabco-Air, published on Oct 25, 2013.

The traditional NFPA air cylinder product line from Fabco-Air, Inc. is loaded with features. In fact, a cutting-edge composite rod bushing is a standard feature. Additionally, the inner surface of the standard NFPA tubing is hard coat anodized. This surface has extreme hardness (60 RC). The hard coating is not just plated; it actually impregnates the base aluminum.

Additional standard features that are included in the traditional NFPA Air Cylinder Line from Fabco-Air include the following: full-flow ports, a wear band on the piston, premium dynamic seals, plus much more! Please note that a great economical alternative to the conventional Fabco-Air NFPA is the OEM NFPA (FCQN Series).

The F Series, Non-Repairable Air Cylinder Line was also highlighted in this video. This product type is recognized throughout the pneumatic industry by a multitude of trade names, i.e., Throwaway, Non-Repairable, Round Line, Stainless Steel Body, Interchangeable, etc.

The most unique standard feature of the F Series Air Cylinder Line is that it comes standard with a stainless steel piston rod. Compared to other popular manufactures, a stainless steel piston rod is typically not a standard feature and requires an additional price adder.

As mentioned in this video section, Fabco-Air also offers a complete line of ISO 6431 and 6432 cylinders.

Even though the Fabco-Air, Inc., NFPA, Non-Repairable, and ISO Air Cylinder Lines are loaded with a multitude of standard options and features, sometimes the job at hand simply falls outside the standard air cylinder product offering. If you require a tailored or custom air cylinder, please note that Fabco-Air, Inc., is ready, willing, and able to design a specific product to meet and exceed your unique application requirements.

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