FKHS Series Parallel Grippers

FKHS Series 3-Jaw Parallel Jaw Motion Pneumatic Grippers by Fabco-Air features a compact design which is ideal for handling small parts in tight spaces! The ultra-compact design is available in 6 different bore sizes.

  • Three (3) jaw gripping
  • Top and bottom mounting
  • Dowel pin hole and mounting slot registration
  • Reduced weight
  • Magnetic piston is standard feature
  • Optional round profile position sensors enable “open” and “close” position sensing and include:
    • Surge suppression
    • Polarity protection
    • LED indication
  • Bore Sizes Available:
    • 25mm
    • 32mm
    • 40mm
    • 50mm
    • 63mm
    • 80mm

Manufacturer's Specifications

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