ESG2 Series Parallel Grippers

ESG2 Series ELECTRIC Parallel Jaw Motion Grippers by Taiyo America are comparable to the cost of pneumatic grippers.

  • Linear stroke up to 31mm from 1mm
  • Grip force up to 15 N in 5 stages
  • Normally open (NO) or closed (NC)
  • Motorization equal to the total cost of a pneumatic gripper
  • Smoother substitutions than pneumatic grippers
    • No need to change I/O wiring for a pneumatic gripper; Operable with only an open / close signal
    • Hassle-free substitution (No program editing necessary)
  • Control capabilities only possible with electric
    • Gripping force and speed control
    • Work piece damage prevention, Acceleration / deceleration control
    • HOLD signal and present position confirmation
  • Cam adoption, with a built-in controller for enhanced compactness, lightness, and convenience
  • Improved Durability

Manufacturer's Specifications

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