LPG Series Parallel Grippers

LPG Series Parallel Jaw Motion Grippers by Fabco-Air are designed for large parts and long strokes. The toolbars (jaws) extend toward and retract away from each other with absolute parallelism and precise synchronous motion. Bearings in the LPG Gripper have a very high load carrying capacity so that load is only limited by the strength of the guide shafts to resist deflection. Centering is accurate within .002" repeatability for virtually "play free" gripping. Side-to-side play is .002" max.

  • Linear stroke up to 24" from 0"
  • Grip force up to 310 lbs at 100 psi
  • Magnetic piston and sensors available
  • 3 Stop options available
  • Toolbar mount options:
    • Blank (no mounting or dowel holes)
    • Dowel holes and dowel slots
  • Toolbar style options:
    • TBF - Toolbars Both in Front
    • TFR - Toolbars Front and Rear
  • Models available:
    • LPG50 - 1⅛" bore, ½" guide
    • LPG75 - 2" bore, ¾" guide

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