GR, GS Series Angular Grippers

GR Series and GS Series Round and Square Bodied Angular Jaw Motion Grippers by Fabco-Air are designed for external adjustment of final "jaw open" and "jaw close" positions that can be made while the gripper is mounted, pressurized and operational. Dis-assembly is not required. Hardened parts and locking threads provide "stay put" adjustment.

  • Angular stroke +15° open, 0° close
  • See chart for grip force at grip length
  • Normally open (NO) or closed (NC)
  • Single or double acting
  • Air or hydraulic service
  • Operating pressure 15 to 150 psi
  • Optional open/close position sensors
  • 9 Jaw styles available including custom

GR Series - Round Body:
  • 6 Model actuator
  • 6 Gripper size

GS Series - Square Body:
  • 2 Model actuator
  • 5 Gripper size

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