FKHT Series Angular Grippers

FKHT Series Toggle Type Angular Jaw Motion Grippers by Fabco-Air are ideal for heavy work pieces because a toggle mechanism holds the work piece securely even when pressure drops.

  • Angular stroke varies by model:
    • FKHT-32 +28° open, -3° close
    • FKHT-40 +27° open, -2.5° close
    • FKHT-50 +26° open, -2° close
    • FKHT-63 +23° open, -2° close
  • See chart for grip force at grip length
  • Bore size from 32mm thru 63mm
  • Double acting
  • Standard magnetic piston
  • Optional open/close position sensors
  • Hard coat aluminum body
  • No extra lubrication required
  • Tapped mounting holes on 5 surfaces

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