Nylon Recoil Hose

Nylon Recoil Hose Thermoplastic Tubing by Fluidline Approved Vendors for pneumatic applications is available in all popular sizes and colors. Designed for use with pneumatic tool drop lines.

  • Lightweight
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Self-storing / retractable
  • 200 / 250 psi working pressure
  • Available hose size from 3/16"ID thru 1/2"ID
  • Standard yellow recoil hose
  • Heavy duty blue recoil hose
  • Fittings for both standard and heavy duty
  • Hose assemblies in both standard and heavy duty styles

HINT: See our web page Fittings for complete line of stocked tubing fittings.

HINT: See our web page Balancers for pneumatic and spring powered air tool balancers.

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