Impacta M25 Shock Absorbers

Impacta M25 (7000 Series) Shock Absorbers by Deschner are small and streamlined, handy to mount in tight spots, yet powerful enough to solve most shock problems.

Impactas are suitable for use on high speed machines such as reciprocating slides, flying die cut off machines, roll forming equipment, packaging machines, book-binders-anywhere where fast moving equipment must be brought to a smooth stop. Because of its wide range of energy capacity, the Impacta is also suitable for applications with fluctuating impact loads. The use of FDA Approved food grade silicon fluid in place of standard hydraulic fluid allows the Impacta to be used in medical and food processing.

  • Self-adjusting
  • Stainless steel rod
  • M25 threaded body
  • Flexible rod wiper
  • Maintenance free
  • Sliding seal system for leak resistance
  • Operates millions of cycles

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