FRB Series Rotary Actuators

FRB Series Vane Style Rotary Pneumatic Actuators by Fabco-Air are designed to offer actuator rotation in the tightest of spaces. Mounting is made easy with direct body mounting standard on all units as well as an optional flange mount. The 6-hole flange mounting pattern allows mounting to the unit at 60° intervals. Additionally, stainless steel shafting is a standard feature on the FRB Series.

  • Bore sizes from 10mm thru 30mm
  • Rotation angle maximum 90°, 180°, or 270°
  • Rotational torque up to 33 lbf-in
  • Ultra-compact Pancake® design
  • Flange mounting option available on all models (F)
  • Adjustable rotation angle 0° thru max° option (U)
  • Position sensing option (W) for optional sensors
    • Position sensors adjust from 0° thru max°
    • Round profile sensors fit mating slots
    • Reed, sinking, or sourcing style
    • Surge suppression
    • Polarity protection
    • LED indication
  • Models available:
    • FRB10, FRB10U, FRB10W, FRB10WU
    • FRB15, FRB15U, FRB15W, FRB15WU
    • FRB20, FRB20U, FRB20W, FRB20WU
    • FRB30, FRB30U, FRB30W, FRB30WU

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