Pneumatic Arbor Press

Pneumatic Arbor Press by Air-Mite Devices are available in ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 2, and 3 ton capacity. Air-Mite has been manufacturing air arbor presses since 1952. Today, the complete and expanded line of production presses offers as much accuracy and precision as your tooling requires — all at an affordable price. Cylinders have a durable, maintenance-free construction that assures uninterrupted service. Solid steel column provides greater strength and rigidity. Unlimited ram clearance is available by specifying “daylight” or work area distance required.

Air-Mite SC3300 Press Ready controls are specifically designed to flush mount with our custom machined press bases. The SC3300 provides a clean silhouette with tubing routed under the base. These controls combine all the features of our stand alone models plus a complete package of safety control, valve & bracket, and fittings for easy installation.

  • Spring return (AP), or double acting (DAP)
  • Ram guides standard (DAP38, 58)
  • Double rod end cylinders (DR)
  • Single, Tandem, and Triplex cylinders

CAUTION: Always use 2-Hand protection systems for operator safety!

HINT: See our web page Air Logic Controls / Anti-Tie-Downs , and/or Air Logic Controls / No-Tie-Downs for operator 2-hand protection safety systems.

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