Multi-Power Pneumatic Press

Multi-Power® Pneumatic Press by Fabco-Air deliver forces up to 11,000 pounds with shop air! Fabco-Air applies the unique Multi-Power® Principle to a precision framework and base, providing you with the ultimate in a powerful, precision, compact, air-powered bench press for production or laboratory use. The power cylinder has all the standard Multi-Power® features plus beefed up construction to meet the rigors of press type applications. The "-HS" option is designed for speed and shock control using hydraulics with SAO, DAO Series Air/Oil Tanks to provide control of high inertia and impact forces in punching or shearing applications. Tanks sold separately.

  • Hard chrome plated SS ram
  • Extended rod bearing length
  • Duralon® rod bearing
  • Standard ⅜ NPT ports
  • High strength aluminum frame
  • Keyed and bolted construction

CAUTION: Always use 2-Hand protection systems for operator safety!

HINT: See our web page Air Logic Controls / Anti-Tie-Downs , and/or Air Logic Controls / No-Tie-Downs for operator 2-hand protection safety systems.

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