GB Series Linear Slides

GB Series Linear Slides by Fabco-Air feature block style slides and interchangeability, as well as many options.

  • Bore size from 12mm thru 32mm
  • Stroke length from ½" thru 10"
  • Guide shaft size from ⅜" thru ¾"
  • Safe load up to 42 lbs
  • Maximum operating pressure 150 psi air
  • Replaceable Duralon® sleeve bearings (4)
  • Repairable air cylinder
  • Standard top and side ports
  • Standard tool bar slip fit dowel hole/slots
  • Standard magnetic piston
  • Standard dual sensor mounting slots
  • Available bumpers / stop collars
  • Models available:
    • GB375
    • GB500
    • GB750

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