EZ Series Linear Slides

EZ Series Linear Slides by Fabco-Air feature a double bearing block making them ideal for high precision, high load carrying capacity applications. All like models of EZ Series Slides (except EZ375 and EZ500) can be joined together for two-axis motion using standard tool-bars. Tool-bars with special mounting holes for joining dissimilar models are available and ordered separately.

  • Bore size from ½" thru 3¼"
  • Stroke length from ½" thru 30"
  • Guide shaft size from ¼" thru 1½"
  • Safe load up to 2160 lbs with Twin Beam
  • Maximum operating pressure 150 psi air
  • Hydraulic 150 psi optional
  • Standard linear ball bearings
  • 7 different end cap mounting styles
  • Available Duralon® or Rulon® bearings
  • Available 3-position tandem cylinder
  • Available position sensors
  • Available bumpers / stop collars / shocks
  • Models available:
    • EZ250
    • EZ375
    • EZ500
    • EZ625
    • EZ750
    • EZ1000
    • EZ1500

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