Drop-Stop Load Arrestors

Drop-Stop Load Arrestors by Tri-Motion™ Industries are fall arrest safety protection devices that work on principle of inertia. Inertia is the same principle used in car safety belt systems. Drop-Stop's® are used as a back-up device to the Bal-Trol® pneumatic balancing hoists. The load arrestors spring tensioned cable is connected to the load. The device senses a fall when connected objects fall and speeds exceed the lock-on rate.

  • Arrest accidental free-fall of loads on product or personnel

  • Protect heavy components/assemblies and raw materials
  • Used extensively in automotive assembly line fixtures and material

Models available
  • Cable length from 20' thru 100'
  • Load capacity from 75 thru 3300 pounds
  • Speed to activate braking 1.65 to 4.9 ft/sec
  • See Manufactures Specifications pdf (below) for complete information chart

Additional features
  • Shock absorbing systems
  • Portable
  • Brake indicator button
  • Self retracting steel cable
  • Sturdy rigid design

HINT: We strongly recommend the use of Drop-Stop® Load Arrestors on all overhead load applications. Capacities from 300 lbs to 3,300 lbs. Other models available, Consult factory, or Fluidline Components, your authorized Drop-Stop® distributor.

HINT: Due to the nature of this product, it is strongly recommended that all Drop-Stop® products be returned for a yearly routine inspection and re-certification. All Drop-Stop® products should be serviced exclusively by trained representatives.

Manufacturer's Specifications

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