MH, MV Balancing Hoists

Bal-Trol® Modular Horizontal MH and Vertical MV Balancing Hoists by Tri-Motion™ Industries are pneumatic devices that can be used to balance or lift a load. Available in either a horizontal or vertical style. Please note that any of the vertical Bal-Trol® (MV) models require High Ceilings.

  • Modular Units - SPACE SAVERS
  • Supply ergonomic solutions for work force efficiency and safety for the workplace
  • Each model offers a wide range of lifting capabilities
  • Easy to install and maintain - cables and seals easily changed in the field
  • Ideal for all types of repetitive pick and place applications
  • Greatly reduces operator fatigue and physical stress related injuries
  • Load capacity from 40 to 800 pounds @ 80 psi
  • Least expensive - Fewest moving parts
  • Contains NO expensive electronic components or computer parts to fail, overheat, have moisture damage, or require reprogramming
  • Made to order travels from 1 foot to 15 feet or more
  • CHECK OVERALL LENGTH (E or Z dimension) BEFORE ORDERING - See alternate Pro-Air Balancing Hoists for space savings style.
  • Models available: (capacity @ 80 psi)
    • MH03/8, MV03/8 - 40 pound capacity
    • MH03/6, MV03/6 - 60 pound capacity
    • MH03/4, MV03/4 - 80 pound capacity
    • MH06/8, MV06/8 - 75 pound capacity
    • MH06/6, MV06/6 - 100 pound capacity
    • MH06/4, MV06/4 - 125 pound capacity
    • MH12/8, MV12/8 - 150 pound capacity
    • MH12/6, MV12/6 - 200 pound capacity
    • MH12/4, MV12/4 - 300 pound capacity
    • MH40/8 - 400 pound capacity
    • MH40/6 - 600 pound capacity
    • MH40/4 - 800 pound capacity

HINT: See our web page Balancers / Tri-Motion Balancers / Control Packages, Accessories for control package features, options, and accessories.

HINT: We strongly recommend the use of Fall Protection, Load Arrestors on all overhead load applications. Capacities from 75 lbs to 3,300 lbs. Other models available, Consult Fluidline Components, your authorized Load Arrestor distributor.

Video Tutorial #1 - Bal-Trol Float CapabilitiesVideo Tutorial #2 - Bal-Trol Lifting Products

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