MH, MV Balancing Hoists

Bal-Trol® Modular Horizontal MH and Vertical MV Balancing Hoists by Tri-Motion™ Industries are pneumatic devices that can be used to balance or lift a load. Available in either a horizontal or vertical style. Please note that any of the vertical Bal-Trol® (MV) models require High Ceilings.

  • Modular Units - SPACE SAVERS
  • Supply ergonomic solutions for work force efficiency and safety for the workplace
  • Each model offers a wide range of lifting capabilities
  • Easy to install and maintain - cables and seals easily changed in the field
  • Ideal for all types of repetitive pick and place applications
  • Greatly reduces operator fatigue and physical stress related injuries
  • Load capacity from 40 to 800 pounds @ 80 psi
  • Least expensive - Fewest moving parts
  • Contains NO expensive electronic components or computer parts to fail, overheat, have moisture damage, or require reprogramming
  • Made to order travels from 1 foot to 15 feet or more
  • CHECK OVERALL LENGTH (E or Z dimension) BEFORE ORDERING - See alternate Pro-Air Balancing Hoists for space savings style.
  • Models available: (capacity @ 80 psi)
    • MH03/8, MV03/8 - 40 pound capacity
    • MH03/6, MV03/6 - 60 pound capacity
    • MH03/4, MV03/4 - 80 pound capacity
    • MH06/8, MV06/8 - 75 pound capacity
    • MH06/6, MV06/6 - 100 pound capacity
    • MH06/4, MV06/4 - 125 pound capacity
    • MH12/8, MV12/8 - 150 pound capacity
    • MH12/6, MV12/6 - 200 pound capacity
    • MH12/4, MV12/4 - 300 pound capacity
    • MH40/8 - 400 pound capacity
    • MH40/6 - 600 pound capacity
    • MH40/4 - 800 pound capacity

HINT: See our web page Balancers / Tri-Motion Balancers / Control Packages, Accessories for control package features, options, and accessories.

HINT: We strongly recommend the use of Drop-Stop® Load Arrestors on all overhead load applications. Capacities from 300 lbs to 3,300 lbs*. Other models available, Consult Fluidline Components, your authorized Drop-Stop® distributor.

Video Tutorial #1 - Bal-Trol Float CapabilitiesVideo Tutorial #2 - Bal-Trol Lifting Products

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