Control Packages, Accessories

Bal-Trol® Control Packages and Accessories by Tri-Motion™ Industries are engineered to provide simple and reliable mounting and control installation for the complete product line of Bal-Trol® balancing hoists.

Control Packages available:
  • Original Sensi-Touch® (S) Control Package
  • Slim-Line Sensi-Touch® (SL) Control Package
  • Balancer (B) Control Package - 3 sizes engineered to match hoist capacity
  • Original Speed Handle (H) Control Package - 2 sizes engineered to match hoist capacity
  • Pro Handle (PH) Control Package
  • Slim Handle (SH) Control Package

Accessories available:
  • Primary cable with clamps
  • Overhang cable
  • Adjustable rear support
  • Cable assembly and seal kit
  • Gate hook
  • Swivels
  • Exhaust Air Regulator (E.A.R.)
  • Safety chain
  • Trolleys

HINT: See our web page Balancers / Tri-Motion Balancers / Controls for Balancers for additional detailed B, H, S, and SL control specifications.

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