Pneumatic Balancers

Zimmerman Series Pneumatic (Air) Balancers by Ingersoll Rand offer advantages not found on other pneumatic balance hoists. Precise, strain free positioning leaves both hands free to raise, lower, or shift the load with virtually no resistance and allow users to not only lift the load but also “float” the load, allowing for precise manual movement and placement without the “jogging” required with traditional hoists. Simple adjustment with clear access to air-flow calibration controls, along with rugged reliability for continuous duty.

  • Low air consumption
  • Clean oil-free operation
  • Wide range of capacities of 50 to 2,000 lbs
  • 40 to 120 inches of cable travel available depending on model
  • Standard built in overload protection
  • Standard Z Brake provides minimal cable recoil due to loss of load
  • Optional Z Stop offers protection against drifting loads if air supply is lost
  • Control options available:
    • B - Basic unit without control
    • ZA - Balancer with pendant control for varying loads
    • BA - Balancer with servo control for single constant loads
    • EA - Balancer with high load, low load, no load control

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