InteLIFT Pneumatic Balancers

Zimmerman InteLIFT® Series Intelligent Lifting Devices Pneumatic Balancers by Ingersoll Rand are smart lifting systems which convert intuitive operator input into smooth, effortless up / down motion and remove the need for up and down controls by sensing user force input and translating it to precise vertical motion. The force-sensing control handle responds to operator input quickly and seamlessly for precise positioning of loads making these devices ideal for applications where hands-on load control is required.

  • Wide range of capacities of up to 1,000 lbs
  • Self-balancing
  • Hands-on maneuvering
  • Float mode
  • Robust design
  • Part present
  • 3-speed select
  • Same green features as the Pneumatic Balancers
    • Low air consumption
    • Clean, oil-free operation
  • Control options available:
    • IB - InteLIFT® basic unit without control
    • IA - InteLIFT® with pendant control and pre-coil cable
    • IC - InteLIFT® with force-sensing control (without up/down buttons)
    • IS - InteLIFT® with pendant control and straight cable

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